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How it Works

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to grow your business and reduce your operational costs.

World's 1st AI based SMART PoS

SMART PoS Hardware

A SMART platform that connects all the dots across your business and watches everything very closely. As and when there is something out of the ordinary, or something that the system feels is not right, the system goes into a self-healing mode. If unable to self-heal, the system will call for help. Based on your actions, the system learns and can now perform the same action that you took for future situations.
The system is like a 24x7 employee that monitors everything, and works even when you shut down the restaurant and go home. With technology this SMART, you can get the peace of mind you deserve after a long stressful day at work.

SMART Components

AI Based Point of Sale System

TrueKonnects is world's 1 st AI based Point of Sale system that works like a 24x7 salaried employee, to find ways to improve your business and resolve areas of concern.

The PoS hardware is designed to withstand heavy and rough use and covered by a warranty, which includes the option to upgrade in case a newer version is made available. The system is cloud based, which means that your data is fully protected and backed up at all times.

Social media networks

Link up all your online presence on 3 rd party sites (Facebook, Yelp, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Trip Advisor and many more) to generate a powerful dashboard for monitoring the pulse of your customers. With detailed statistics, you can identify the areas of concern for your business and create a recovery plan.

The system also allows you to push out notifications through the same channel, thus creating a uniform messaging platform for all your customers.

Website (online ordering & table reservations)

With the TrueKonnects Platform you have the ability to use SMART widgets on your website that communicate in real-time with your PoS system and back end services. Your online orders, table reservations, customer inquiries and other interactions will be processed in real-time directly to your kitchen displays and the capacity management systems, thus giving your customers the best experience possible.

The system will automatically throttle the website orders and reservations based on the real-time capacity of your restaurant, thus avoiding any un-necessary delays for your customers.

Loyalty station

Customer love rewards. But you should be rewarding them based on their loyalty towards your business, so that it sends the right message to your customer base. We also help you build in surprise rewards for your most valuable customers based on their preferences.

Loyalty rewards is the most effective way to generate repeat business for a restaurant. Customers tend to spend more in order to unlock the next reward, and the TrueKonnects platform continues to engage your customers and motivate them to work towards bigger rewards.

Kitchen Display Stations

Reduce the wastage of paper kitchen order tickets, by using modern tablet infrastructure for kitchen displays. Our systems are designed and tested to withstand the high temperatures and rough usage in kitchens, and are connected real-time to your PoS, website, and social media channels, to process orders and arrange them based on the priority.

Table Side Ordering stations

Reduce the time it takes for a server to enter an order into the PoS. You can choose between server station and guest stations to allow entering orders at the table side, thus improving your business efficiency.

The system is also designed to create a surprise for your guests through real-time deals that time based, or traffic based. These SMART deals are managed by the TrueKonnects platform with minimal human interaction and can increase your order volume by over 20%.