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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to grow your business and reduce your operational costs.

For any restaurant, the setting and Point of Sale is the first point of contact between the customer and the business. And as we say, 'First Impression is the last impression', every restaurant owner wants to get the attention of the audience. With digitization and marketing, expanding and transforming, every business vertical, the market trends and customer expectation are evolving. In today's market, a modern POS is capable of managing your customers, sales, reservations, and even optimizing business processes. But, what you choose for your business makes all the difference.

Increase Customer retention by 25%.
Increase profit 95%.

The customers are the most valuable yet a scarce asset for a business. Hence, to ensure good sales and business growth, you need to retain your clientele. With Truekonnect POS, transform your customer experience into something they crave for. Manage loyalty programs, promotional campaigns and media marketing with the fantastic range of inbuilt tools. Makes the queues shorter and billing faster with fast and secure payment gateways and personalize the customer interactions with advance Customer Management features. Outrank the competition by offering what the customers desire for.

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Delight your customers

Online Ordering & Table Reservation

These days people love online shopping and the food industry isn't unknown to the concept. Expand your domain by catering to the online demand while serving the guests at the restaurant. Eliminate the middleman, and let our POS manage your online orders and take care of the table reservations more effectively. Your customers can make their reservations or order their food at any time, from anywhere and you can save yourself from the hassle of keeping track of the online and in-house orders.

Interactive and creative displays

Table Side Ordering
made easy

Forget about the physical menus or display boards when you can excite your customers with integrated ordering terminals and interactive modules. With Truekonnects, creative and easy to use tableside ordering interface, you can transform your customer experience, and let them browse through the menu, place their orders, put in special requests and more. Also, you wouldn't have to manage or track those orders, from the table to the kitchen display, the POS takes care of it all. No more errors in serving the food, hence better customer engagement.

Earn $500 Referral Bonus Earn Now

Get $500 for referring any new business to TrueKonnects. Referral bonus is paid out once we get a commitment from the business owner to install our system. The referral could come from anyone. It could you or me, or it could be an employee at the same business, or it could be a customer who knows the business owner for some time.

Advanced analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Forecasting Sale's Plan Accurately

The Truekonnects POS comes with advanced reporting and analytics features that can help you get better insights into your restaurant sales, kitchen, inventory, customers, and various other aspects of it. While the system monitors and manages these elements, you can generate interactive and graphical reports on demand and visualize your business goals. The tools to manage your sales, forecast your growth, and monitor the restaurant, all in one place.

Optimised and streamlined Operations

Kitchen Display Stations

A restaurant kitchen is a messy place and a complete chaos during busy hours. Make the job of your chef and staff simpler with easy to use and POS integrated Kitchen Display stations. With these, the kitchen and serving staff can easily track the orders and make them exactly as your customers want it to be. No more mix-ups and no more missed orders. With interactive and user-friendly displays serve quality food and a great dining experience.

Truekonnects helps Businesses

Add On Services

Custom Website

A restaurant website design that's custom to your restaurant and for your customers, your cutting-edge website will feature beautiful menus, photo galleries, social media integration, and striking custom design.

Responsive Design

Your mobile site will automatically adjust to any device’s screen size. This means it is aesthetically optimized for every smartphone, desktop, laptop, and iPad on the market.

Social Media

Truekonnects makes sure your profiles look great and are found by people searching for restaurants like yours. Truekonnects helps protect your reputation, grow your fans and motivate new business.

eMail Marketing

Send beautiful email newsletters. Truekonnects makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results.

Designer Posts

Engaging, sexy, cool, and appropriate design, customized for your restaurant is a smart investment. We tap into your restaurant's personality and craft the right design.

Reliable Support

This is not a setup and leave service. When you work with Truekonnects, you get a dedicated partner interested in your success. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Secure Web Hosting

Truekonnects guarantees secure hosting and maintenance services for your site, for your peace of mind.

Online Ordering Mobile/Social/Web

Give your customers the ability to order right from your website via computer and mobile! No portals, no transaction fees and no waiting for payments.

Digital Menu Boards

Let our award-winning digital signage specialists bring their experience in design and usability techniques to your restaurant.