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Convenience Store

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to grow your business and reduce your operational costs.

Convenience stores are all about providing the customers with a one-stop shop for all of their needs. Managing a convenience store requires close attention to the customer experience, controlling the inventory effectively and generating profits. Give your store a similar convenience and manage your business effectively with the advanced Truekonnects Point of Sales system. From managing sales and inventory to driving promotional programs, easy to use management tools optimizes your business processes and maximizes your returns.

World's #1 Smart POS

The audience is moving to smart gadgets and expects the same for their services. Keep up with the transforming market trends with the powerful AI-Powered POS system by Truekonnects. The system gets your business up to speed with the fast transactions, easy to manage customer profiles, quick checkouts - hence being convenient for the customers. The advanced analytics and reporting features of the POS maps customer preferences and shopping patterns for each customer, allowing you to make strategic business decisions.

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Easy manage your

Sales And Deals Promotions

Attract customers to your store and boosts your sales with compelling deals and promotions. With Truekonnects POS advance marketing and promotion management, target and drive your promotional programs and monitor their performance effectively. Discover the market trends and understand your customer preferences to come up with irresistible offers that would boost your clientele. With integrated CRM and marketing, you can promote your programs and drive multiple schemes seamlessly

Control your stocks

Inventory Management made easy

At convenience stores, keeping track of the inventory and managing a wide range of products effectively is crucial. Don't let the damages or untracked inventory lead to financial losses. Advanced inventory management on the Truekonnects POS provides real-time on the inventory status and also monitoring sales trends to project future needs. Smart analytics allow managers to identify popular products and hotspots of the store. Boost your sales and fine tune your product range by strategically shelving the products in the hotspots and choosing the right products.

Fuel your growth

Business Management made easy

The Truekonnects POS is equipped with a range of advanced business management and analytics tools aim to enhance productivity and fuel business growth. Control your business and monitor its performance at any time, from anywhere. Smart reporting and integrated customer and sales management, you can get real-time updates on market trends and customer preferences, which in turn contributes to effective business planning. Make the POS your one-stop shop to manage and grow your convenience store.

Truekonnects helps Businesses

Add On Services

Custom Website

A restaurant website design that's custom to your restaurant and for your customers, your cutting-edge website will feature beautiful menus, photo galleries, social media integration, and striking custom design.

Responsive Design

Your mobile site will automatically adjust to any device’s screen size. This means it is aesthetically optimized for every smartphone, desktop, laptop, and iPad on the market.

Social Media

Truekonnects makes sure your profiles look great and are found by people searching for restaurants like yours. Truekonnects helps protect your reputation, grow your fans and motivate new business.

eMail Marketing

Send beautiful email newsletters. Truekonnects makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results.

Designer Posts

Engaging, sexy, cool, and appropriate design, customized for your restaurant is a smart investment. We tap into your restaurant's personality and craft the right design.

Reliable Support

This is not a setup and leave service. When you work with Truekonnects, you get a dedicated partner interested in your success. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Secure Web Hosting

Truekonnects guarantees secure hosting and maintenance services for your site, for your peace of mind.

Online Ordering Mobile/Social/Web

Give your customers the ability to order right from your website via computer and mobile! No portals, no transaction fees and no waiting for payments.

Digital Menu Boards

Let our award-winning digital signage specialists bring their experience in design and usability techniques to your restaurant.