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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to grow your business and reduce your operational costs.

Cafes are the best place to hang out with friends, visit for a date or to simply enjoy some coffee in a serene place. Hence, for a cafe it is really important to offer a delighting experience and a casual place for people to spend some quality time. Help your baristas create a unique and lovable cafe experience for your guests with the exciting features offered by TrueKonnects POS for cafes.

Loyalty Management

Your customers are the most valuable asset of your cafe. Make them fall in love with your cafe with your delicious menu and exciting offerings. Turn your guests into regular visitors with lucrative loyalty programs and attractive deals. Truekonnects CRM integrated POS allows you to manage your customers, understand their preferences and helps you formulate and drive loyalty programs effectively. With our POS, know about your dearest customers and their favorites from your menu and turn their culinary experience into a memorable one every time.

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Betterment of your customer

Business Website

Take your cafe online and connect with your admirers and lovers. Give your customers a channel to visit your cafe anytime and anywhere, make their reservations, give their feedback and share their love for your food and cafe. Truekonnects can craft a beautiful and creative website for your cafe and restaurant where you can share updates, upload stories, drive marketing campaigns and more. With the integrated online table bookings and food order features, you can easily link your website to your POS and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Efficient, Economical Operation

Staff Management
made easy

A successful business is built with a strong team. Utilize and encourage the efforts of your baristas with smart staff management tools on the Truekonnects POS. Assign the orders to the baristas on the go, track and manage the sales and engagement of each employee, manage their work hours and your staff during the peak and off times and much more. Control the orders and details and minimize the errors between kitchen stations and sales terminals.

Latest Offers to your Customers

Deals and Coupons

The best way to attract customers to your cafe is to lure them with exciting deals. Introduce and market your promotional schemes on social media, via email marketing, ads, etc. with Truekonnect. Furthermore, make it easy to manage a variety of schemes and monitor their success with advance reporting and marketing features. Watch your sales grow and keep your customers happy with smart marketing and promotion management with our one of a kind AI-powered POS system.

Truekonnects helps Businesses

Add On Services

Custom Website

A restaurant website design that's custom to your restaurant and for your customers, your cutting-edge website will feature beautiful menus, photo galleries, social media integration, and striking custom design.

Responsive Design

Your mobile site will automatically adjust to any device’s screen size. This means it is aesthetically optimized for every smartphone, desktop, laptop, and iPad on the market.

Social Media

Truekonnects makes sure your profiles look great and are found by people searching for restaurants like yours. Truekonnects helps protect your reputation, grow your fans and motivate new business.

eMail Marketing

Send beautiful email newsletters. Truekonnects makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results.

Designer Posts

Engaging, sexy, cool, and appropriate design, customized for your restaurant is a smart investment. We tap into your restaurant's personality and craft the right design.

Reliable Support

This is not a setup and leave service. When you work with Truekonnects, you get a dedicated partner interested in your success. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Secure Web Hosting

Truekonnects guarantees secure hosting and maintenance services for your site, for your peace of mind.

Online Ordering Mobile/Social/Web

Give your customers the ability to order right from your website via computer and mobile! No portals, no transaction fees and no waiting for payments.

Digital Menu Boards

Let our award-winning digital signage specialists bring their experience in design and usability techniques to your restaurant.