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The term "TrueKonnects" refers to true connections between the business and its customers. In today's tough business landscape, businesses compete with each other for customers by offering deals that hurt their profits, and puts their business at risk. Business owners end up spending hard earned money on external agencies and lead generators, only to lose their customers to another business over time.
TrueKonnects was built to provide a meaningful connection between you (Business Owner) and your customers, to allow you to understand the customer's preferences, and provide them a more personalized service. From the customer's point of view, they will enjoy engaging with your business, because they will feel more welcome, and rewarded for their continued loyalty.
In the end, both you and your customers WIN. Plus, you get to streamline your operations because you have all the data and statistics to understand your weak points, and fix them, to further improve your profit margins.

Why Truekonnects

Everything your business needs

In order to succeed, your business needs to cover the most critical areas of concern. These need to be addressed in order to build a sustainable revenue stream from your business, and a strong foundation for your business to grow to the next level.

Reduce Cost of Operations

Cost savings should always be a TOP PRIORITY for every business, and with TrueKonnects you have the ability to consolidate all your applications into a single platform. Enjoy FREE services that are bundled into TrueKonnects.

Improve Customer Ratings

TrueKonnects allows you to provide a personalized service to your customers, and works in the background to communicate with them and keep them engaged, thus motivating them to rank you higher on 3rd party websites.

Improve Business Efficiency

With all the data and statistics about your business, the TrueKonnects platform makes SMART suggestions for process improvements. Over time, you will see month on month improvements to your business efficiency.

Increase Customer Retention

Increase your repeat business through customer engagement, and open communications. Customers prefer to visit a business that values them and provides them personalized attention, which the system provides out of the box.

Reduce your headache

Our hardware is designed to withstand high temperatures and rough environments. But failures happen. In case of a hardware or software failure, we provide you a 24x7 support team to resolve the issue and get you back on track.

Improve Staff performance

With detailed statistics on staff performance based on multiple factors, the system shows you, your most efficient employees who should be rewarded, and the least efficient employees who need to be trained. Thus creating a culture for success.

Easy. Flexible. All-in-One.

Keep your Restaurant in check.

  • CRM

  • Gift Cards


  • Business Website

  • Deals and Coupons

  • Review Management

  • Loyalty Management

  • Back Office Management

  • Online Ordering

  • Forecasting Sales

  • Staff Management

  • Table Reservations

  • Table Side Ordering

  • Business Management

  • Kitchen Display Stations

  • Appointment Management

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Devoted clients,profiting day by day

TrueKonnects helped us acquire new customers and we have been able to stabilize our phone orders with predictable revenues every month. I am now able to plan ahead because there is very little deviation from planned revenues for each month.

Since the day we joined TrueKonnects, our customer satisfaction score has exceeded 4.5 stars on almost every platform. We do not have to worry about sending emails or messages to our customers, because the system does that automatically on our behalf.

We have been growing month on month since the day we joined TrueKonnects. We see new customers who have heard about us on Facebook, or read something about us online. Without having to do anything ourselves, our brand is being published and marketed in the local areas by the TrueKonnects system.

We have been able to reduce our cost of operation by 20% in the first 2 months, and have been making improvements to our business processes to further reduce our costs. With rueKonnects, we feel comfortable that the system is always looking out for our customers, while we focus on our passion which is to bring the best food on the table for our customers.

We love the TrueKonnects platform, and we have stopped sending out any emails or deals since the day we joined TrueKonnects. The system automatically works with our customers to bring them back, and works on sending out deals for new customers. Reduce a lot of our effort.

The TrueKonnects loyalty program is the most efficient and successful program that we have ever used. Without lifting a finger, our customers are being communicated with, and the system brings them back again and again for more business by engaging them in the program.

We recently signed up with TrueKonnects, but we like their service and are very happy with their product line.

The TrueKonnects online ordering system has been able to generate significant revenue for us, and our customers love it because they are able to order from our website itself, and earn reward points for every order.

We love the customer loyalty program from TrueKonnects, because it keeps our customers coming back over and over again for some awesome rewards.